No longer secrets

I think the secrets will be safe with you guys!

Travel Secrets You Need To Know

1. Forget your charger?

Ask at a hostel or hotel desk, they may have chargers that guests left behind.

2. When is the right time to book your flight?

The cheapest time depends on where you’re going;

Domestic: 3-7 weeks out

Europe: 8-10 months out

Asia: 9-10 months out

Africa: 3-5 weeks out

3. Need foreign currency?

Always use the ATM. They usually have the best conversion rates and lowest fees.

4. Visiting tourist attractions

If you are going to popular attractions, go at noon. There’ll be fewer people, the rest will be at lunch.

5. Hidden city ticketing

If flying from City A to City B is expensive, try booking a cheaper flight from City A to City C with a layover in City B. Then just get off in City B!

6. Eat like locals

Wake up early in the morning, go to local morning markets. You’ll see so many new things, therefore you can get to try so many new things too, especially what locals eat for breakfast!

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