I am in my home country and I am going again

Yes, traveling while on travel break. I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand but now I am back in Malaysia for a short while. I have to settle my visa for my big migration next month. And in 3 days, I am going to Indonesia with my little sister. I can barely catch my breath.

Meanwhile, I satisfied my cravings to eat Malaysian food for almost everyday and that makes me happy as I was struggling with food choice while I was in Europe, particularly in Paris. Je suis désolée, Parisians!  It is good now that I’ve gained some weight.

Do you guys have your favorite travel quotes? I agree it is hard for me to explain why being a traveler is different than being a tourist.  Few years ago, I lived with “Go at least once a year to a place you’ve never been before.” by Dalai Lama. Now that I am constantly on the road, I realized that I am comfortable having the world as my current address. As I said, I love the whole world thus I am never at home anywhere but I like it. I repeatedly told myself that a tourist see what they want to see, which usually are the things that they pursue from other tourist, while a traveler will see everything. I don’t usually believe the hype, like being in Paris and feeling it, if you know what I mean, because I honestly didn’t feel anything when I was there with JF.

The need to keep in touch: Many friends asked me how do they contact me while I am on the road. I can’t be having 10 SIM cards for 10 countries that I traveled to. So I said, I also don’t really write to my family, only once in 3 weeks, just to let them know my whereabouts and to let them know I am doing fine. Some people love traveling and being constantly on the road but they cannot be away from the PC or their phones because they have to report to loved ones very frequently. To travel alone is to find oneself and to go back with better self. So why can’t we just leave that comfort zone and be quiet for a while? Turn off that phone and PC, send a postcard home instead.

Life is a great adventure or nothing. 

Here is my postcard to you!

Just the sea, the sand and I. Karimunjawa, Indonesia.

Just the sea, the sand and I. Karimunjawa, Indonesia.




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