I was lost and hopeless.

I suffered a silver jubilee crisis in mid 2013; I was jobless and hopeless. I sat and talk with my parents about how desperate I am to fly really far and travel. In the end, I did. There was a strike in Istanbul, Turkey and I decided to go there. My first time being so far away from home country yet I was so psyched and not even close to being scared. These are the excerpts from my post on Facebook, describing how wonderful to be in Turkey, the bridge between Asia and Europe.

June 18, 2013
First photo: street of Aksaray near Topkapi, Istanbul. Second photo is Turkiye Bankasi, a Turkish bank building. Time check here is 735am. I had Turkish delight, baklava and cherry juice for breakfast which was delightful. Morning sun in Turkey and everything is on the right side. Reminding myself not to look at wrong side while crossing the road. LRT is excellent and faster than in KL. Turkish people look very handsome and beautiful. Currency: Lira and 50euro is about 150 lira. Mosques are incredibly beautiful in here and cannot wait to hear the call of prayer.