Viva la Italia!

June 28, 2013


Probably too late for that as it is 6 pm in Malaysia at the moment. I left Turkey and all the kebaps for this country of pizza and pasta. Rome is expensive city in this expensive country of Italy. Like in Turkey,they also have tramvay in the city, and also cat park. I have had among the best pasta, or probably the best pasta in my whole life in Rome, and they taste different than ones I had in Malaysia. I forgot to take photos of my meal though because I was too enjoying them.

I went to the great Colosseum and having to feel like gladiator and finally got to see Fontana di Trevi, the famous fountain of Virgin Roman Spring and yes, a visit to Vatican City. There were thousands of people queueing to probably see the Pope, but I was just there chasing after pigeons.

Going to Naples or Napoli today, the land of Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii ruins.

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