June 17, 2013
It means hello in Turkish. Day one in this small town of Fatih and Beyazit was very warm and enchanting. Everything that I saw was just new and different. Beyazit is crowded,but kind of crowd that I am willing to walk through becauseĀ it was local people crowd. I had trouble adjusting my sleep time for the sunset was at nearly 9 pm yesterday.
My first meal was a scrumptious eggplant (terung) kebab. Turkish people are very friendly, making me feel less like a traveler but more like one of them.
I was spending my afternoon under a tree sipping warm breeze of Mediterranean sea, watching youngsters jumped off the cliff to swim in the sea. I’d say summer in here is still not as hot as in Malaysia and definitely not humid. I walked miles but sweat a little, which I love the most.
Cats really made my day yesterday. The stray cats in Beyazit have medium to long hair. I patted almost every cat I met and thought that they didn’t understand my Malay Meow because they seemed to be ignorant but docile at same time. What a great day it was.
Some of my photos might be upside down or not rotated, but I hope they are still viewable.
Warm greetings from Istanbul.
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