Amazing Istanbul

June 20, 2013

Shisha, cherries and olives.

I am traveling to the land where you can find cherries, olives and shisha in every nook and cranny. For two mornings I had new kind of breakfast where they served bread with hard boiled duck egg, two types of olives, sour cherry jam, cheese bar, with fresh cucumber and very succulent tomatoes. I found it strange somehow but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I discovered a very cosy cafe along the street of Gulhane in which they had served flavorful shisha and Turkish coffee. I’d say do not skip Turkish shisha while you are in here because it tastes different than ones I usually had in Malaysia. After breakfast yesterday I walked up the hill to huge market and had my very first fresh cherries, and found among the shiniest, most plump tomatoes, sold by the 2 friendly men who asked for their photo to be taken. Stumbled upon this very beautiful mosque just next to the market. The area is surrounded with parks with benches and yes,cat house. I met this lovely ginger tabby which I named Seymor. He literally made love with the cat food given instead of eating them;so weirdly cute and adorable.

Later in the afternoon I took the tram to the north, to Karakoy. I went up the tower, the Galata Tower and had enjoyed the breathtaking view of Bosphorus and surrounding area. It was worth 13TL (Turkish Lira).


Lost in watermelons.

I love the cool breeze blowing on my face, but not the sun having to set at 9pm!

Hatay Has Kral Sofrasi

That is the name of a place I stayed near Topkapi in Istanbul. This street sign amazed me; the word Topkapi, the place in Istanbul that I always wanted to visit. I was on feet discovering Beyazit town. Turkey is beautiful and enchanting.


I am back, bold and beautiful.

For past 2 years, I had troubles disciplining myself to write more about my traveling adventures. I procrastinated; I thought people won’t even bother to read what I wrote. Just like when you scroll on online posts; you will just scroll for pictures, reading just the little caption below and that’s it. So screw that, screw laziness, I have important mission now; to share what I had been through for past 2 years. I have an amazing life, and I am a true vagabonder.

P/S : Vagabond is a person that moves from one place to another without fixed home, a wanderer. Vagabondest is a name for an avid vagabond like me.